The Boroondara Family Network

Occasionally, you may find that you are not coping - you may be feeling isolated, unsure of what you are doing, feeling stressed or you just need some support.

If you live in the City of Boroondara, The Boroondara Family Network can offer parenting support in your home in many different situations:

  • Families who are new to Melbourne,
  • Mums with limited or no family support,
  • Mums who have had multiple births,
  • Mums suffering from postnatal Stress and postnatal Depression,
  • Mums who feel alone and/or isolated,
  • Mums who are in need of emotional support, and
  • Mums who do not feel confident in their parenting role.


Mother and Baby

After a referral, the Coordinator will visit you in your home and explain a bit more about the Boroondara Family Network.

The Coordinator will then assign a Volunteer who will visit each week. The Volunteer will give you practical and emotional support.


Volunteers are parents and grandparents themselves who are familiar with the services for young children available in the local area.

They provide friendly support to assist families with young children.

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